Friday, August 26, 2005

Wiley Dog's On strike from eating

Ever since they gave me that slurpy juice, I just haven't had an appetite for what they've been putting in my bowl. Those big T/D biscuits are clearly unattractive. I appreciate my Aunt Maryee's concern for my teeth and all, but I'm too old to be trying to chew on those rock bars. More than likely I'll eat the Advance Protection. Who knows. I may eat today, but I know they are gonna tell the Vet lady I'm not eating.

Put me a steak or anything two-legged creatures eat, and I'll show you what eating is all about. I did like the K/D the first time they gave it to me, but refused to eat that yesterday, too. Maybe if they put it out this morning, I might give it another try. For now, I'll just day dream about getting steak, potatoes and eggs. Jim's Crispy Chicken would do just fine, too.

Oh well. Thought I'd do some wishful thinking. Maybe when they get my fundraiser up and running I can have a better choice of food.

By the way, did I tell you I'M HUNGRY????? I'll keep ya posted.

Wiley Dog signing off....

barking with all my love!

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