Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wiley Dog's Hunger Strike Is Over

OK, Here's the deal. I was trying to fake that I was alergic to dog food and for a minute there, it worked. Mom gave me pancakes on Sunday with sweet sweet syrup and Aunt Jen gave me a piece of white chicken meat from HEB as well. I thought to myself, "Hey, this refusing to eat dog food get up just might get me squared away with a la carte." That long big eyed begging look thing I do while they are eating two-legged creature food seems to wear em' down, too. I was too happy...

Then Aunt Maryee figured out that I was trying to pull the wool or shall I say, "towel" over everyone's head.

She grabbed that bag of T/D and left out with it. I was like, "Yes! No more horse biscuits!" I later found out that she called that Hill's Pet place and they told her that that had Small Bites in the T/D and not the dog biscuit size for little pooches like me. Sooooo, she's planning on getting those ordered for me some time next week.

She tried to feed me some of the Advanced Protection, but I did my famous "turn my back on you trick." Doxies with attitudes like me are nortorious for those kinds of tricks. Well it didn't phase her much cause when she came back home, she had a whole bucket full of that K/D.

I guess the gig was up, because she poured half a can in my bowl and heated it up in the big white hot box on the cabinet. It smelled like some kind of chicken meatloaf concoction, so she tricked me. Well, I was pretty hungry so I decided to stop with the shenanagans and go ahead and eat. One good indicator that I needed to stop was the fact that for the past several days I'd been going outside to do the #2 and nothing was coming out. Quite an embarrassing sight. Aunt Maryee was just shaking her head at me each time. Go figure.

Anywho, Aunt Maryee caught a shot of me eating the K/D for your viewing pleasure.

Keep praying for me, cause I really need it! I have started back with a slight cough again, but nothing like it was in the past. I can be a lil' hard headed, so pray that I take it easy. Remember, This Old Dog Still Can Hunt.

Signing off with much barking love,

Wiley Dog

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