Saturday, September 17, 2005

Old Dog, New Tricks

Hey two-legged creatures and furry friends,

Good Saturday morning to you. I wanted to talk about this trick I've come up with the ladies in the house. Well, remember how I told you I like that K/D food? Well, you know how that can get boring after a while. At least for me anyway. This past week, I've been taking my sweet time in eating my food. Well, I heard Aunt Maryee mention to everyone else that I had to have someone watching me while I ate in order for me to eat. Well, I don't know where she got that from, but I figured that was a novel idea. So, when they'd put food in the tray for me, I'd go and sniff it and then turn around and head to my bed and just look at them.

They'd start speaking in that high pitched voice that is really starting to irritate me these days as well as that "baby" talk, like I'm some puppy. I slowly wander off the bed and give them this, "Yes, may I help you?" look on my face, wagging my tail 100 miles an hour. "Here, Wiley, eat your food," they begin chimming in. Then Aunt Jen starting singing some "weiner dog" song she made up on the spot. It was like an ode to me. I got excited and started eating the food, thinking to myself, "I gottem' now." So needless to say, if I want to hear music to my ears and if they want me to eat...they better start singing.


Signing off with

Much barking love,

Wiley Dog


  1. wileyyyy! welcome to the meetup group- we're really glad to have you! i bet you can teach these whippersnappers a thing or two!

    well, im gwen, the dachshund meetup organizer, and daisy, noodle, gretel, and i greet you.

  2. hi wiley,
    I like your story.


  3. I saw a cat.
    Wiley you eat k/d.

    Tanisha Evans

  4. gwen,

    So happy you dropped by my blog. When my health gets a little better, I look forward to "road tripping" down to see you and the gang!

    Much barkin' love,

    Wiley dog

  5. And here I thought I was the oldest dachsie - I was born January 23, 1986 and, yes, just celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday with some low fat Twinkies that my Mommy gives me. Yum, Yum!!! Of course I had to wear that stupid birthday hat and bow around my neck - boring. But it gives her pleasure, especially with picture taking. I also had some left over prime rib and Mommy made me scrambled eggs, another yum, yum!!!! Congratulations on your health coming back and good luck in your life. Pray for me too, I know that Mommy will be devastated when I have to go to Rainbow Heaven - but not planning on it for a while. Have to go - Mommy needs to get back to work.

    Tiffany Anne - black, brown (and yes - white) mini dachshund.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Tiffany Anne,

    My aunt must have overlooked your nice message to me! 20 years! WOwZERS! And to think I couldn't find someone my own age, (or close for that matter). I bet you're hot stuff!! Looks like you had some great stuff to eat for your birthday! I'm used to that low-fat no salt kinda diet so I feel ya toots! Let's just do our best to hang in the as long as we can. Our loved ones need us to give them laughs and grief (he he). I'll be prayin' for long life Tiffany Anne.

    Much barkin' love,

    Wiley Dog!

  7. What, me worry?

  8. You need to have your age verified as the oldest recorded dog in history as the current record holder was only 21..

  9. Do you wear your own garms though?