Saturday, December 24, 2005

Wiley Dog's Health Update and Fundraiser Info

Greetings my two-legged creatures and furry friends. Wiley Dog here with an update on my health. I promise to update you with more of that statistical and factual stuff after the holidays, but for now, here's the skinny:

I found out that I do not have canine cough and all that other jazz my earlier research on my own came up with, but it's worse. I have something called Conjestive Heart Failure. I didn't think it was any big deal until that Doctor W. lady showed my aunts the picture of my heart squooze up tightly against my rib cage. It's nothin' to play around with. I mean serious weiners, Man!! Here's more on CHF, as the vet people call it. I also found out from the X-Ray that I broke my back. When that happened, I don't know, but for whatever reason, I'm da' man and my back has healed and sealed itself. I wish I had the picture to show you, but you could tell real well that a bone or two was out of place, right where I hear Doxies have trouble when they mess up their backs.

I also swallowed some foreign object that was pretty much unidentifiable. Dr. W. said that I need to eat rice and it's will help it flow on through the washer. I'm like, "kewl". I like rice. uhh humm! But without salt I overheard them say.

No salt??? Who ever came up with that way of solutions to heart problems needs to be shot with a B.B gun. Oh well, they said if I have salty foods, I might as well be adding a nail to my coffin in Rainbow Bridge.

Now, I have to take my chocolate bars every 3-4 weeks, take this Lasix stuff, and some other kind of medicine I can't remember what they called it for the rest of my natural born life. What a bummer man! But, I understand, that helps me not cough so much and keep my Mom up at night and I might just make it to 30 by next July.

So, that leads me to my fund raiser my Aunt Maryee finally got up and running. She's got like 4 phases to it, so for sure, I know of two of them. The first is some stuff she's selling for me to get my medicine and food taken care of and to get me through this cold blustery winter here in Central Texas.

You can find it all at Maryee's Store, which is her store on Ebay. The stuff she has for me is “fundraiser” priced, so don’t go comparing to see what similar items are selling for. It’s a FUNDRAISER OK??? The listing explain what I need which is help paying for all my medical bills, my medicine and my H/D , AP and T/D dog food. I'm not that kind of beggin' dog. I believe if you ask somebody for help, you ought to give em' something in return.

Here’s the link to the store:

So far all that she’s listed for my fundraiser are “doggie” stuff by my request. If any of the other stuff interests you, put in a good word for me after you buy it and it might count towards my fund (crossing my paw toes). Anywho…
So, who will be my first FUNDRAISER participant?

The second phase of the fundraiser is pictures she’s selling of MOI!! Yes, you will have your very own picture of ME, the Wile’ster! It will also come with a holiday background. Neat huh? How do you like those apples?

So, If you want to purchase any of those pictures, you can pay via PayPal or email My Aunt Maryee so she can get a mailing address out to you. Email her at callmeruth at I learned to separate the email address and not put the @ so the internet spiders don’t send my aunt’s email address to cyber smutville. I believe there are at least 4 different poses to choose from. I’ll add samples of the photos and each photo is a minimum donation of $5. I think that’s fair. But give as generously as your heart leads you. I promise to add something special for big doners. You can also just send your donations to my vet, Dr. W. She'll know what to do.

Listen, who knows, they may be worth much more one day. You never know…

Well, I need to go vacuum up, I mean check on Mom in the kitchen. She cooked a big turkey, dressing, and broccoli corn cornbread for tomorrow. Hey, no one said I couldn't help keep the kitchen tidy as a Christmas present to my mama!

Signing off with much barking love,

Wiley Dog

Thank you for everyone who’s been checking in on me and praying for me. I really really appreciate your thinking of me.

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Where's Wiley Dog been??

Hey my furry friends and two-legged creatures. Wiley dog here, with a quick hello. It's getting late and my Aunt Maryee's kind of tired. I have a lot of updates to give you but I can't tonight. Hopefully if she does not go to work tomorrow I can have her all to myself to type my update for me. For now I'm gonna add a picture that you might find quite amusing. You see, in the dachshund yahoo group several weeks ago, I heard my Aunt Maryee talking about how the two-legged creatures had doxies singing to them. Well, this old dog might still hunt, but he don't sing. Anyway, Aunt Maryee had the bright idea to start singing some "Sunshine" song in a voice that sounded like squawking birds or something. Mom had the camera and so I thought I'd humor them a bit and act like I was singing along. Looking pretty debonair huh?? Well, that's all for tonight. If I don't get an update to you tomorrow, it will be sometime this week. I have plenty of updates and pictures as well to share. Also, my dang fundraiser should be up and running too! Christmas is coming and the goose is gettin' fat!!!

Signing out with much barkin' love,

Wiley dog