Sunday, December 11, 2005

Where's Wiley Dog been??

Hey my furry friends and two-legged creatures. Wiley dog here, with a quick hello. It's getting late and my Aunt Maryee's kind of tired. I have a lot of updates to give you but I can't tonight. Hopefully if she does not go to work tomorrow I can have her all to myself to type my update for me. For now I'm gonna add a picture that you might find quite amusing. You see, in the dachshund yahoo group several weeks ago, I heard my Aunt Maryee talking about how the two-legged creatures had doxies singing to them. Well, this old dog might still hunt, but he don't sing. Anyway, Aunt Maryee had the bright idea to start singing some "Sunshine" song in a voice that sounded like squawking birds or something. Mom had the camera and so I thought I'd humor them a bit and act like I was singing along. Looking pretty debonair huh?? Well, that's all for tonight. If I don't get an update to you tomorrow, it will be sometime this week. I have plenty of updates and pictures as well to share. Also, my dang fundraiser should be up and running too! Christmas is coming and the goose is gettin' fat!!!

Signing out with much barkin' love,

Wiley dog


  1. Wiley,

    Are you really only 29? Or, is this like my mom saying she's 26? Only, you're really 12 and mom is 51.

    CHICCO! Are you crazy? She's going to make you sleep outside tonight. --Cello

    Cello, lighten up. Anyone can see that's a joke. -Chicco

  2. Hey Chicco and Cello! Hope you guys are staying warm this Christmas. I have chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Really!

    And yes, I'm really 29. That's what my birth certificate says. If I'm lyin' then I'm dyin.

    Much barkin' love,

    Wiley Dog