Friday, November 04, 2005

All about Dachshunds

This is for all you two-legged creatures and furry friends who may not know about the nobility and rich history of my breed! Although my original smooth red color is what we are most recongnized as, Doxies come in all hair types, sizes and colors. We are a really cool breed and anyone who has had the pleasure of being owned by us know how obedient and sedate and docile and submissive we are, right? Not!!!! We are the creme de la creme when it comes to brains, brawns, wit, and humor. Ask anyone who knows anything about us and they will tell you we are far from having the personality or brains of a toothpick. We are sharp as a tack in every area. I heard someone crack a joke one time saying that we were Doberman Pinscher's trapped in a Dachshund's body. I say, we can hold our own, with no need to be compared to anyone else. Doberman's are nice and all, but I enjoy being who I am, which is a hound dog!

So what you'll be learning is complinents of the American Kennel Club, who by the way is supposed to be getting back with my Aunt Maryee to find the Leslie person who was my breeder, if he/she is still alive. I hope so, cause that's holding us up with the Guiness Book stuff!

All about Dachshunds!

Much barking love,

Wiley dog

I'll be back tomorrow with my health update and pictures!