Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wiley Dog: Food and Medicine to the rescue!!!

Good Saturday morning all my furry friends and two-legged creatures. Wileydog here with some good news!! My Aunt Maryee was able to sell one of the fundraiser items on Ebay for me!! Yippee! A special "Thank you" goes out to the wonderful family in Canada who helped out by buying something from the Ebay Store so I can get me some chow and meds. bark! woof! bark!! XXOO

Thanks Tracy, Buddy and the gang!!!

I don't keep up with what my mom has for me to eat, until I start seeing human food (which I delight in) instead of the doggie food I'm supposed to eat but not any more til I get better(whew!). Well, I'm not too good at counting days, but I'll guess that for about 25 days or so my mom was nice enough to prepare home cooked meals for me. Can you say "Rock on?" I get lean ground beef, steamed rice with eggs (all with no salt of course) and egg shells crushed in them. The crushed egg shells was a bit weird, but I just looked at it like I was eating cricket legs. Crunchy! I also got some good ole' cottage cheese. Mom fooled me cause I thought it was VANILLA ICE CREAM! NOT!! The Vet prescribed this dinner concockshion(sp?) but I'm not complainin'. How do you say it? No kibbles or bits!!!! Ha!

I also found out I have to have that slurpee juice called Lasik for the rest of my natural born life! Ugh!! Well at least it's sweet and goes down smooth.

Until next time...

Much barking love,

Wiley Dog