Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wiley Dog's Update- 2nd day at the Vet for Heartworm shot

Hey folks,

Good evening! I need to give you my update now cause I'm getting really sleepy. This morning my Mom and Aunt Jen took me back to the nice Vet lady's place for that second shot in my back hip. The problem was, after taking that slurpy juice yesterday, I forgot I was in for another shot with the horse needle. Well, good news mates! When I trotted through the Vet's door, Dr. W. was hanging out with her staff ladies when she saw me strutting in. I was looking good! Mom and Aunt Jen were pretty cool, cause they knew I had been handling all this sick and medicine business like a champ. Dr. W. immediately declared that I did not need to have another shot quite yet. I was like "Yippie Ya Hooo, Bark, Whoof" or whatever.

They did have to tell the Dr. about my few puking spells, and that confirmed to the Dr. lady that I didn't need to have another shot for a minute, you know with me being a "special needs" dog at my age and all. Anywho, I got some more slurpy juice. They said it was for pain, but I thought it was quite tasty if you ask me. I thought they were trying to be funny putting that straw in my mouth, treating me like a baby and all. Now ya'll know I'm too old for all that. They were nice enough to cut my nails. They seem to grow faster in my old age. I wonder if humans experience the same trouble?

I also was able to get some dog food for my teeth today. They are really in bad shape, but I don't complain. I'll show you pictures later. The family knows I'm having trouble when I either don't eat, or swallow the regular kibbles whole. I think they called it "whiffing it down". Hey, who ever said you had to waste time chewing anyway? The dog food is called Prescription Diet T/D and it's by a company called Hill's Pet Nutrition. My aunt Maryee used to work for that company before she moved back home to Texas, so that's why I know it's good food. As a matter of fact, until I got a lil' sick with these heartworms and all, I was eating Advanced Protection for Seniors. That's one reason why I have soooo much energy and look so youthful. Wouldn't you agree? Don't let my Aunt Maryee know, but it will take me a while to warm up to those big ole' T/D biscuits. They are like big beige rocks. I don't know. We'll have to see. For now, I'll stick to Advanced Protection and the K/D pate. I enjoyed eating that the other day.

I am a lil' underweight which is what the Doctor explained to my aunt Maryee the other day because of the heart trouble situation. I weigh right at ten pounds. Dr. V. said after I get my appetite back and get healed, I probably will go back to eating all I can get my paws on. You know doxies are into dumpster diving, right? Yeah, I got caught a few times ripping into trash bags that were carelessly left on the kitchen floor the night before garbage pick-up day. He-he.

OK, that slurpy has me a lil' whoosy. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, I have to go back and get another one of those Heartguard chocolate bars around the 9th of September. I heard the Vet lady say it would kill more of the baby worms that may have hatched since I ate the last bars. I'm kind of hoping the shot took care of all of them. My instructions are for me to be still and quiet. I have to not get excited so my heart will heal safely. So far so good. They said I have to take it easy for a whole month. I don't know about that cause I am a spry ole' man you know. I'll do my best.

I'll be back later to educate you on all the stuff I've learned since this heartworm business came up. I love to learn, and regardless of what any two-legged creature might say, You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Much barking love,

Wiley Dog

Picture of me and Aunt Maryee taken back in April. I'm too sexy!

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  1. You should watch The Critic; it's the best show ever!