Friday, August 05, 2005

Wiley Dog: They said I need to brush my teeth! UGh!!!!


  1. Heartwarming. I enjoyed reading about Wileydog! My doxie Puddles is 12 and hope she is around for along time for me and my family here in PA.

  2. wow, Chuck is 13 0r 91 in dog years, he loves my son very much and thats when he comes to life, when that boy walks in the door. Last November Charlie got bloat! can you believe that!? well he has bad teeth and an enlarged heart, the day of bloat his temp dropped 7 degrees but we took the air out of him and he was empty otherwise with no kinks but 5 days later he pooped! yeah! His stomach was the size of a small party ballloon. we nursed him back, the friday before his poop was his first self resposive day where he sat up and greeted us. Chuck seems fine since almost like nothing happened but it was brutal. This morning after his rice he coughed blood so now we are watching him and his signs closely as we would rather he didn't suffer, but we have also decided to put him down if we have to because we could never afford to nurse him till his death. After all he is about 94 now. and we have had him for 4 years because who had him before didn't care to keep him any longer(dorks) friend for life or DON'T GET ONE! Pray for Chuck no matter what he was an inspiration to us (even tho he's a little prik)(they r)we had and are still having lots of love