Monday, April 09, 2007

Winter Wonderland Easter 2007

Greetings two-legged creatures and furry friends,

Wiley dog here just droppin' by to let ya'll know I'm alive and still kicking. It was cold on the day before Easter, so let's just say I had no problem staying in the house tucked far away under my covers by the heated floor heater. Mom just left me alone. My eating habits haven't been up to par, but with all this bad dog food going around knockin' off canine's and felines, I'm not so sure it's safe to eat anything. Hummm? Oh, well, here's a pic of the snow Aunt Maryee sent me from her house in the country. Not sure when I'll be out there to visit, but I'm sure when I do, there'll be a lot to blog about later. Until then, may all your kibbles be worth the bits you paid for em'!

Much barkin' love,

Wiley dog


  1. Hi!
    I was wondering what's up with the cutest dog?(of course after mine ;)
    I have one dachshund at home.He is 9 years old.
    I just addore dachs!
    Say your Aunt to pat you a little bit for me;)
    Hope taht you will give "report" to us soon!!!

  2. Wiley is such an adorable little old guy! I was saddened to read of his health issues and at the same time, amazed at how full of life he is and how much personality he has at his age. Animals are so amazing. They are so loyal, loving and they are a shining example of how to appreciate every moment of life and dance like no one's watching despite life's trials. I will keep your little angel in my prayers.

  3. Wow, what a great dog! I have a dachshund named Gabby who is my whole world... she will be ten in November and she is still healthy and active like a pup. I would love to see her be around 20 years from now... what is your secret to dachshund care? You sure are doing something right!

    Don in Pittsburgh

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILEY! Looks like auntie has to change your website to the 31 year old. I see your picture everyday on our fridge.

    These wishes are from your Canadian friends The Schell's.

    I hope you have a fantastic day. You are truly an inspiration. Give auntie Maryee a big hug and kiss from us.

    Take care and keep in touch.
    Tracy, Devin, Josie, Sarah, & Buddy