Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wiley Dog: I'm alive!

Greetings my furry friends and two-legged creatures. Wiley Dog here with a very brief update. Yes, as of Sunday September 23, 2007 the Wilster is still alive and kicking. My aunt Maryee has been busy teaching 7th grade Math at this school where mostly darker colored creatures go and it's been really keeping her busy. My mom is struggling to keep food in both of our mouths, but we're both survivors. Please keep us in your prayers.

Much barking love...


  1. Hi Wiley!!! Nice to know you're still alive and kicking!! You know, youre older than I by two years and a day!! Mad props to you!!


  2. Wiley says, "Woof" Sunsail! Thanks for stopping by his blog.

  3. Wiley Dog, you give me hope I will be able to keep my 12 year old Tasha Jane Holedigger quite a while longer! I hope you are doing well and that both you and your mom have plenty to eat!

  4. Wiley I have a dog who looks just like you.Her name is Brandie and she is 18 years old.She can't here at all.She has cataracts in both eyes,plus aurther has her..

  5. Hello,

    Daily Dachshund and Dog News here.

    Any chance of an update? We're a little worried to tell you the truth.

  6. that's incredible!!! all the love to your little one. I hope ours can last that long, he just hurt his back today and is on drugs. X-rays are ok and the tails is moving so he should pull through...

    any ideas are appreciated.

  7. This is the oldest dachshund I've ever heard of.

    How do you know the age is accurate?


    Thx, Link

  8. maryee is wiley still alive now?