Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wiley Dog: Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Well Wiley I have two dachsunds just like you. I used to have three but my sweet leah went to doggie heaven a year and a half ago. Yoda just turned 14 and Diana is 13 1/2. Diana has congestive heart failure and I know how expensive it is for her meds. We are on pension and it is hard sometimes but she sure is worth it. I am so glad to hear you are still OK and have had another birthday. You keep up the good work ol fella.

  2. Hi Wiley little buddy. You are just the cutest thing ever. 30? You do not look a day over 25. You better go! Liam(he is a Wheaten Terrier) and I wish you a Happy and Healthy Christmas season. (No drinking water from the Christmas tree stand!)

  3. Wiley wanted me to tell Phyliss and Cloudnine "thank you" for dropping by his blog. Hopefully, he can send ya'll an update realllll soon!

    Phyllis, he mentioned he'd like to check out some pics of Yoda and Diana. :-)

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