Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Update from my last visit to the Doctor

Greetings two-legged creatures and furry friends,

Wiley dog here with an update from my visit to the doctor last Monday. My aunt Maryee videotaped my doing my coughing hacking thing and left the video for Dr. W. to check out. I think I'd do well in movies if you ask me. They could cast me as an elderly dog who develops this rare coughing disease that sounds like a human cough, hack, gag who then miraculously recovers with a special medication made in an underground blackmarket lab. Hey, that sounds like a role I'd fit right into. Though I digress....

Well, after viewing the videotape, Dr. W. gave my aunt some green chopped up pills. They are called Temaril PSpans. I had to take em' for about a week and my last one was last night. They mashed the pills into my K/D and that's how they snuck em' to me. They think I didn't know, but that will be yours and my lil' secret, ok?

The doctor wanted to know if there was any change in the coughing, but unfortunately, I'd say it is about the same, if not worse. So, until my mom can round up the money for an X-Ray or Aunt Maryee starts my fundraiser to pay for this stuff, I will be just suffering day in and day out with this heart wrenching medical condition soon to wither away into nothingness never to blog to you all my dear furry friends and two-legged creatures again... You see I'm laying in on thick right?

So what I did this morning, with the help of Aunt Maryee, is I decided to do some research on my own. This is what I came up with. When I go to the doctor and they do my testing, I'll already be one up on them and kinda have an idea of what's wrong with me. Because I'm not so cranky today, I'll be nice and share with you the research I came up with. Make sure you share my blog with others who may have small dogs because from what I came up with, this may be quite common in older small dogs, you know the heart problems, coughing and all. I will rule out kennel cough, but I have a sneaky suspicion by my own observation and suffering that I may have Canine Cough Syndrome. The only problem with that is, the links I find say the Canine Cough Syndrome is Kennel Cough! For the love of St. Crox!!! This dog coughin' business is sooooooooo confusing!!

Other links I found that may shed some light on my situation are here:

Vet Info- Dog Cough

Dog Cough-Canines

Prevention -Dog cough info

Check em out and let me know what you think.

Well, I'm out. Mornings are usually hard because I wake up coughing. I'm gonna take a nap.

Much barking love,

Wiley dog


  1. Hey Wiley Dog,

    Good research. You've got me frightened now. I'm askin' my typist to get me a face mask STAT! Sorry you are still not feelin' well. I get a cough once in a while but only for a day or two. I had kennel cough when I adopted my humans. It was not a good thing. Remember to keep takin' your meds and let your human think she's still trickin' ya. The trick's on her. Arf! Arf!

    My typist just read an article to me about dogs and wolves. Check it out on my blog. It might make you feel a little better. Take care.



  2. Wow! Freda,

    That article on wolves had me thinking, "Hey all dogs are so super smart!" Thanks for sharing. My mom likes your pictures and your blog. Thanks for checking in!

    Much barking love,

    Wiley dog

  3. WileyDog,

    We hope you are feeling better now!

    Woof woof.

  4. Marcello & Chicco,

    I'll be posting an update this week. Thanks for checking in on me!

    Much barkin' love,

    Wiley dog

  5. You know, technically the dog only lived to be 31 years old, if he was born July 17 1976, and died January 24, 2008. You should change the name.